Already Done List

Beer taste at Sierra Nevada Brewery
Build a snowman
Buy a good camera
Buy a good lens
Camp in Yosemite Valley
Collect seashells on the beach with my fiance
Cook fish at home
Cook mussels at home
Decide to move to another country on my own
Donate hair to locks of love
Drive in Europe
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
Drive around the Bay Area in a convertible in July
Eat at a restaurant on a cliff by the sea
Eat chorizo and eggs for breakfast while camping
Eat ethiopian food
Fall in love
Fly first class
Get a car
Get a cat
Get a tattoo
Get married
Go bear watching
Go horseback riding on the beach
Go on vacation by myself
Go to a wedding in Austria
Go to Budapest
Go to London
Go to NYC
Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
Go to St. James' Gate and have Guinness at the brewery
Go to Vegas
Go whale watching
Go wine tasting in a place where I do not speak the local language
Go wine tasting in every country in which I live
Go wine tasting in Hawaii
Graduate from college
Hang Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree with mom
Have a snowball fight
Have breakfast with my fiance on our wedding day
Help mom landscape her yard (twice!)
Learn another language, conversational level
Learn how to make a curry
Learn the parts of the brain
Learn to waterski/wakeboard
Learn Vienna
Live in another country for at least a year (going on 9 now)
Live somewhere where it snows in winter
Make fish tacos at home
Make peanut brittle from scratch
Pay for a stranger's bridge toll on the Bay Bridge, the San Mateo Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge
Plant Dahlias
Plant something from seed
Put in my own kitchen in my home
Ride on the top of a double decker bus in London
Roller coasters and rides in the Prater
See a Classical concert in Prague
See a movie under the stars
See a summer thunderstorm (checked off on my wedding day!)
See Cirque du Soleil in Vegas
See JFK's eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery
See someone blow glass in Venice
See the Alps
See the bridge of sighs
See the Dali museum in Vienna
See the lava flow on Hawaii
See the Lincoln, Washington and Vietnam Memorials
See the Nutcracker at Radio City Music Hall
See the Queen's Coronation goldware and the Hope Diamond at the Tower of London
See the sun rise over Vienna
See the sunrise in Sweden
See Warwick Castle
Send flowers to people for birthdays or special occasions
Sit for a portrait
Ski in another country
Ski in the Alps
Spend Christmas day in a foreign country
Start from scratch to furnish my home
Take a cruise on the Danube
Take a vacation without a computer for at least a week
Take my niece shopping at Toys R Us
Tea on my balcony watching a full creek flow by
Teach my niece how to swing herself higher on the swingset
Tour a winery and a brewery
Try clams
Try mussels
Try snowboarding
Visit a natural hot springs
Visit Hawaii's observatory
Walk through a snowstorm
Watch fireworks from my balcony
Watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier
Watch the changing of the guard at the Tower of London
Wine tasting with Laura in Napa, Clear Lake, Murphys, Budapest and Vancouver