Life & Learning List

Find a job I love.
Help someone get into or through college.
Institute a monthly dinner party among friends/family.
Learn about Living wills, Wills, Trusts and Estates. Draft appropriate paperwork.
Learn about the stock market and how it works - buy my own stocks.
Learn about the wine regions of France, British Columbia and California.
Learn how to make wine.
Learn to develop film.
Learn to fly a plane.
Learn to kayak.
Learn to make jewelry.
Learn to sail from my husband.
Listen to every CD I own once all the way through.
Make birthdays, anniversaries and holidays a big deal.
Remove a tattoo.
Renew wedding vows in Vancouver BC, even at restaurant where we got married.
Set up an etsy store.
Start a family tradition with my husband.
Take a cooking class - any cooking class.
Take a photography course.
Take a wine appreciation course.
Write and illustrate a children's book.