Travel List

Enjoy Limoncello in Capri.
Go wine tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my husband.
Go wine tasting in Napa with my husband.
See a glacier.
See a lion in the wild.
See the Grand Canyon from a helicopter and/or White Water Rafting through the canyon.
See the leaves change in New England.
Stay at Old Faithful Inn and see Yellowstone, Old Faithful.
Stay in the ice hotel.
Take a boat ride on the Mississippi.
Take a road trip across the US, from coast to coast, with my husband.
Take my husband to Yosemite.
Take my immediate family on a tropical vacation.
Tavel to Bora Bora with my husband.
Travel to Australia.
Travel to Belize.
Travel to Costa Rica.
Travel to Cuba.
Travel to Greece.
Travel with my husband to see penguins in the wild.
Visit at least 20 US states with my husband. (California, Oregon, Washington)